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Should I Buy New or Resale?

For most of the Waterloo Region, this is a pretty simple answer.


Buying resale seems to be the best overall value. The main factor is that we have seen very little new development occurring in this region. Land costs have increased significantly in the last few years, causing the builders to pass these costs on to the consumer.


With new homes, one must consider the added cost of items, which are typically included in a resale home. For example; fenced yard, decks, driveway, central air, heating, window coverings, finished basement, appliances, and other general upgrades that are not included in a basic new-build.


The exception is a new-build, which is outside of the hot spots. The advantage of buying a new-build in those areas is that eventually there will be growth and you will be able to realize the appreciation, provided you were able to secure a reasonable purchase price now.


If you have any questions about this or about real estate — give me a call and let's have a chat!


519-624-5555 or e-mail me at


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What is the market doing right now?

What is the market doing right now? This is one of the most common questions that I’m most frequently asked.


As you may know, our Region has enjoyed a very significant growth in the past 18 months. What we are seeing now is a levelling of the market at the current prices.


Why is everything levelling out? These home values have been established as a result of bidding wars, limited inventory (more people wanting to buy but not enough homes available) and movement from the Greater Toronto Area, Milton, and Oakville markets. 


What you should expect...


1) Values should remain steady with an average growth resuming (3% to 5% annually)

2) Increased inventory in Waterloo and Wellington Region’s

3) Buyers should have less competition on offer presentation dates


Was this just merely a “bubble”?




It is highly unlikely for home values to decline, as our Region still remains very attractive to our neighbours, who are still on average priced roughly 50% to 60% higher than us. 


If you have any more questions about the market or real estate – give me a call at 519-624-5555 or e-mail me directly at



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Where do I invest in this market?

In this market, I'm often asked where I would invest money. We are currently in a market where homes are being sold with multiple offers and the rent does not make sense in comparison to the purchase price. One must look at the market and the market rent before making the decision to invest in real estate. One must also look at where the market is headed in the next 3 to 5 years.

Investing in real estate is not a quick "flip and get rich" scheme. On social media, television and other advertising streams, we are inundated with; investment seminars, how-to seminars, and where to invest seminars. These are all just another marketing tool for an agent to attract buyers for listings, which are on the market and not necessarily the best investment opportunities for you - an investor.

For the Region of Waterloo, we will have a high demand for condominiums and affordable housing. If you are thinking about investing, it would be wise to start looking at investment opportunities in condos, mid-rises and stack townhomes as an alternative to an investment in single-family freehold type dwellings. The primary reason for investing in condominiums is that the rate of return based on the purchase price still makes sense and one can attain between 6% to 8% annual return on their money and still have the tenant pay down their mortgage. Another benefit to investing in condos is that we will see an appreciation in the next 3 to 5 years as condos will be the only affordable housing options for millennials entering the market.

Consider your options before signing up for an investment seminar, which will lead you to projects and listings that don't provide the rate of return or upside potential, as these homes have already accelerated in value! You must really consider your options and seek the advice of a professional who is truly looking after the interest of the buyer/investor!


If you have any questions about the current market or real estate investing - give me a call. 519-624-5555 or 
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Why do I publish “Over Asking” selling prices on social media?

So, why do I publish “Over Asking” selling prices after a home sells for over its asking price? The answer is quite simple: Knowledge is Power!


We live in a world that is full of information, and people being well informed is valuable – especially when making the biggest investment of their life! In the age of social media — it’s now easier than ever for me to communicate real estate information with the Waterloo & Wellington Regions!


Simply publishing the “over asking price”, as many agents do, serves little to no purpose on its own. However, I publish the actual selling price in addition to the over asking price. By providing this amount, it helps you learn about the current market and assists you in making an informed decision — whether you are a buyer or a seller. 


Another reason agents would post is because there are many other agents that have a limited audience / and reach. Many tend to spend less money on marketing listings and have basic marketing strategies. Because of this, they are unable to reach as many potential buyers for homes and achieve the same bidding wars that an agent with more reach and marketing can get. Many tend to stick to traditional marketing and underperform for their clients. If you advertise the same way as every other agent – you will attain the same results. We want the best for our clients.


Implementing and investing in new strategies and evolving with the market will create success for our buyers and sellers — proof is in the numbers! 


Before deciding to Buy or Sell: Get Informed!


Learn about your market! Make sure that you are following me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and see our listing / selling prices of local properties, new listings, and more valuable real estate information!


People over pay when they are not informed! Do your research, if you are thinking about an agent, check out their website, social media accounts, ask them where else they advertise your listing. The way they promote other people's homes is the way they will promote yours. We are focused on being the trendsetter in the area for marketing initiatives — contact me and ask how!


Hire a professional and be educated in this market!


Disclaimer: We always get the Buyers and Sellers permission to publish these numbers.


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Rules are changing for Landlords / Tenants!

Last week we touched on the changing rules for foreign investors buying property in Ontario. But I’m sure that you’ve seen posts about the government changing rules for landlords / rental properties when it comes to “Rent Control”. So what does this mean for landlords and tenants?


One of the big changes is that there is a plan to bring all private rental properties under the province’s rent-control regime. This currently only covers buildings that were built before November, 1991. Now, rent hikes across the board will be held to around inflation and will be capped at 2.5% per year. However, though, landlords can still apply for special increases if they do renovations or upgrades that increase the properties value. If a landlord wants to raise the rent, they must wait until the tenant moves out.


Of course, tenants welcomed this change with open arms, but developers, builders, and landlords warned that it will quash the supply of much-needed rentals, a segment that is becoming more abandoned, as developers are more in favour of condos. If developers and landlords don’t think that they can make a profit off rent – they won’t build them / rent them.


So the government getting involved and putting a cap on rentals will reduce the number of rental properties available – making the situation worse!


Do you have any questions about this or any other real estate topic? Give me a call – I’d love to chat and answer! 519-624-5555 or
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Will the Foreign Buyers Tax make buying and renting homes more affordable?

You have probably seen all the social media posts and news updates about the Ontario Government getting involved with the real estate market in Ontario. Headlines that mention “Foreign Home Buyer Tax”, “Rent Control”, that have been brought in by the Kathleen Wynne Government.


Wynne says that these measures will make the process of finding and affording a place to live easier. This new tax will affect people who live outside of Ontario and are looking to invest in Ontario real estate – apartment buildings, rental houses, or any investment/place to park their money.


But is more Government involvement really the solution to the rising real estate costs? Are foreign investors the reason for the rising housing costs?


There is no evidence to support either. No data, no facts, nothing. In fact, these same taxes were implemented in Vancouver, B.C. and the only thing that has come out of that is slower home sales, and the home values are still high. A $1,000,000 home from one year ago is still $1,000,000 today. The initial impact was short-lived. Municipal Governments need to issue more building permits and allow higher density developments. The answer to affordability is inventory, not a tax! Let's face it, 15% foreign investment tax is a joke. They are probably saying "come that all you got". This will have no impact on home values and foreign investors will continue to buy. Lessons should have been learned in B.C.!

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Buy your rent-to-own home now!

Are you in a rent-to-own program right now? If so, this is the best market for you to exercise your option to buy your rent-to-own contract out! For many years, investors and landlords have had the advantage of obtaining deposits from tenants and giving them the option to buy the property that they live in at some point in the future. What these landlords and investors did not take into consideration is that this market would increase at the rate that it has! Typically, the landlord would put a 5% annual increase in the value of the property that the tenant is living in. The last three years have been performing far better than 5% annual increase, therefore given the fact that we have had a 40% increase in values over the last 18 months, this is an ideal time to exercise your option to buy out your rent to own contract.


A simple appraisal of your current property will give you the evaluation in today's market. I am confident that you will be pleasantly surprised at the new value of your home. Chances are that you already have 35% to 40% equity in the current home you're living in. This allows you to go to the bank and show that you have up to 40% already built into your current residence.


Take advantage of this opportunity! Speak to a mortgage broker or a bank and get your financing in place so that you can buy out the property. Stop paying your landlord's mortgage today! 


Unsure where to begin? I have financial institutions and brokers that are ready to speak to anyone who is interested in taking advantage of these times and lower rates.


Lets Talk!

Give me a call directly at 519 624-5555 or send me an e-mail at and lets talk!

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Waterloo Region: This is not a "bubble"

All this talk of an inflated market and bubble is really starting to get let's look at some facts! 


1) The region is high in population growth

2) Lacking land within city limits

3) 50% higher prices than just 30 minutes east of Waterloo Region. 

4) Lack of inventory 

5) There are 3 to 5 buyers for every home coming on the market 

6) Low interest rates

7) Years of little to no growth

8) Thriving region / economy

9) Infrastructure and development is booming within our region

10) GOTransit


Do you still think it's a bubble? 


Talk to me about what you should be buying to enjoy further growth. 


*no get rich quick schemes

*no investment seminars

*no TV shows


Just real and me!


#GetReal #GetRealEstate #Realtalk 

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Be prepared for a bigger down payment

Rarely in the Waterloo Region, do we ever hear of a home selling for less than asking price. In fact, most homes are selling for a significantly higher amount than their asking price. 


Because of the higher home values, you should be prepared to have a larger down payment set aside, in the event that your bank appraiser doesn't agree with the price you are going to pay. 


For example, if you pay $500,000 for your home — but your bank appraises the home for $480,000, you will need to add $20,000 from your own or secondary source to make up the shortfall. 


Aside from getting a mortgage, there are some other solutions available: 


A) Secondary financing: Banks are not the only institutions that offer financing and mortgages. A good realtor will be able to point you in the right direction.

B) Family: Mother or Father, Brothers or Sisters, Aunts or Uncles, any kind of relatives!

C) Vendor Take-Back Mortgages.


Some of these options can be more expensive, but if you're counting on the market continuing at the current pace of growth, it may be worth it!


If you have any questions about the current real estate market, the value of your home, or people who can help with financing – give me a call. I would be more than happy to discuss your situation – and come by your home and provide you with a FREE Home Evaluation!

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It's time to get in the game!

With the real estate market taking off the way it is in Waterloo Region, now is the time to get into the real estate game!

There is absolutely no question that the values are continuing to rise for single-family homes, as well as residential properties throughout this region. There is a lot of frustration for Buyers, with multiple offers and being beat by people who are entering from outside the local market and are driving the values up.


The best way to affordably enter the real estate market is to buy in areas where there is not yet a high demand. In my opinion, condos would be the best investment to at least enter the market, even if it is not the desired type of residence you wish to live in. Having your money invested into a condo - be it a town home or an apartment - you have the opportunity to enjoy the next wave of growth that will surely occur.


By comparison the condo market has not increased at the same level as single family residential homes have, however, it will when mainstream residential housing is no longer affordable for first time home buyers. The market will automatically go to condominium living, like we have seen happen in the Greater Toronto Area, which now has risen to an all-time high of buyers trying to enter the market. In the GTA, buyers only have one option, and that is to buy into multiplexes and condominium types of properties. The Waterloo Region has an abundance of condominiums available to be invested in and to live in. My recommendation is to look for buildings which have lower condo fees, that are newer, not subject to special assessments, and have an opportunity of upside growth.


Generally, the market has increased - by approximately 40% in the last 18 months! However, this does not apply to the condo market. I predict that in the next three to five years, we will see this shift and an increased demand for condominium type of properties. Having some form of real estate is better than having none. Incomes are not increasing at the same levels as real estate values. It is important to stay ahead of the curve and it is very important to invest in the future. The future though, is any kind of residential / home ownership.


Getting your foot in the door now will pay off in the future! It is best to investigate thoroughly the types of residential condominiums that are available throughout this region and ask a real estate professional to guide you to buildings that would best give you the highest returns! 


Call me at 519-624-5555 to see how I can help!

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