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Show Me The Money

Yes, we all know who Tom Cruise is, and most of us have heard the famous Jerry Maguire line, "Show me the money." But this line doesn't only apply to sports agents and their clients...real estate agents and their clients use this line in transactions, too! 


In real estate, "Show me the money" is a way to say "Show me the deposit!"


When selling your home in the Waterloo Region, chances are you are getting multiple offers. When getting these offers, you do not want to see a personal cheque!


Let me explain why.


When making an offer, show me a bank draft or a certified cheque. When you include this with your offer, it will help consider you as a serious buyer! In these current times of multiple offers and bidding wars, emotions often run high! People can submit high offers, with no conditions, and promises that they will bring their deposit in "tomorrow". Well, often times, tomorrow may never come. If tomorrow doesn't come with the deposit cheque, you have just dismissed the other multiple offers that you had on the table for a deal that should have never been presented without a deposit!


"Show me the money" is the one phrase that you need to use with your agent and the prospective buyers! 

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Faisal Susiwala
June 12, 2017
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