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Why do I publish “Over Asking” selling prices on social media?

So, why do I publish “Over Asking” selling prices after a home sells for over its asking price? The answer is quite simple: Knowledge is Power!


We live in a world that is full of information, and people being well informed is valuable – especially when making the biggest investment of their life! In the age of social media — it’s now easier than ever for me to communicate real estate information with the Waterloo & Wellington Regions!


Simply publishing the “over asking price”, as many agents do, serves little to no purpose on its own. However, I publish the actual selling price in addition to the over asking price. By providing this amount, it helps you learn about the current market and assists you in making an informed decision — whether you are a buyer or a seller. 


Another reason agents would post is because there are many other agents that have a limited audience / and reach. Many tend to spend less money on marketing listings and have basic marketing strategies. Because of this, they are unable to reach as many potential buyers for homes and achieve the same bidding wars that an agent with more reach and marketing can get. Many tend to stick to traditional marketing and underperform for their clients. If you advertise the same way as every other agent – you will attain the same results. We want the best for our clients.


Implementing and investing in new strategies and evolving with the market will create success for our buyers and sellers — proof is in the numbers! 


Before deciding to Buy or Sell: Get Informed!


Learn about your market! Make sure that you are following me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and see our listing / selling prices of local properties, new listings, and more valuable real estate information!


People over pay when they are not informed! Do your research, if you are thinking about an agent, check out their website, social media accounts, ask them where else they advertise your listing. The way they promote other people's homes is the way they will promote yours. We are focused on being the trendsetter in the area for marketing initiatives — contact me and ask how!


Hire a professional and be educated in this market!


Disclaimer: We always get the Buyers and Sellers permission to publish these numbers.


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Faisal Susiwala
June 12, 2017
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Faisal's career in real estate began at the early age of 18. He consistently earned a reputation as a top producer from the outset. In 1994, he joined the sales force of RE/MAX Twin City Realty Inc. and has continued to be a top producer there for the past twelve years. Susiwala covers a large sector of the Cambridge and KW market and attributes his success to a strong marketing plan with extensive advertising, state of the art technology, an experienced support team and a loyal clientele base for the past 17 years of being in the real estate business.

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